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Thursday, November 15, 2012

happy birthday to me :)

hello friends!
go me...its my birthday...go me...its my birthday...
yes, it is my birthday today and i am now 34 years young....another tough year for me, but much better than the last....i feel really blessed to be alive and healthy.  and although life could always be better, i am happy...i am looking forward to dinner at mom's house tonight and having the family all together for another gathering.  i thought id have time today to do some scrapping; however, the time is just flying by and i may not get to do any of that til later on tonight.
i'll be posting some pics of the first anniversary of the flea market that i participated in this past weekend....sales were not so great, but it was nice to see a lot of people out and about.  hopefully sales on my christmas creations will pick up :)
so thanksgiving is right around the corner....then my little man's birthday on the 26th.  WOW he's turning 6!!!! just thinking of that makes me want to pull out some pics of him and scrap, scrap, scrap!  oh how quickly time passes us by....
well, im in the middle of making chocolate lollipops, so i need to get back to that...
i hope everyone has a great day, and if you are not too busy, come by the hawaii self storage at kalaeloa for tomorrow's flea market!
a hui hou ~ nani

Thursday, November 8, 2012

halloween week wrap up

hey hows it going?!!! i know im quite late with my wrap up but its sure been a busy week! so to make up for that, i have a super special treat to share in today's post! 
first things first....halloween was a pretty hectic day in hawaii nei....or on oahu at least!  we had a traffic nightmare due to an accident on the freeway!  traffic everywhere was HORRIBLE!  traffic was probably the scariest thing on halloween day/night for all of us.....but aside from that...once the kids were let loose at grandma's, and went off to do their trick or treating, everything was FANTASTIC! the kids had so much fun!  here are a couple of layouts with pics from halloween day/night...

this one with my kiddos...ready to get in the car and head out to grandma's for some halloween fun!

this is my kiddos and their cousins in the middle of trick or treating =)
i had quite a challenge creating these layouts...but hope you like them!
and now for the special "treat"....last week i mentioned that i made shelby's costume last year...yes, she was an adorable cupcake....and here it is!!!!

doesn't she look absolutely yummy?!!!!!
well, i hope you all had a great halloween this year and enjoyed today's post.....can you believe that thanksgiving is right around the corner?  and then christmas......WOW! i'll be super busy in the coming weeks creating christmas themed items to sell.  this weekend i will be at the Hawaii Self Storage flea market in west Kapolei on friday AND saturday....come by and visit =)  this saturday is their one year anniversary & its gonna be big!  have a great day & see u all again soon!
a hui hou ~ nani

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

hAppY haLLowEEn!

happy halloween!
yay!  its halloween =) the kids are super duper excited to dress up and go trick or treating tonight.  i hope everyone has a fun filled day/night and bags full of yummy treats!
i wanted to share a costume that i made for little shelby last year, but i am having issues with my itouch adapter (uggghh)...she was a super cute cupcake! i really wish i could have uploaded it today but i guess maybe later in the week.  so in place of that, i have another layout of the littlest kiddos from last year. it includes a photo of izeah and shelby (in her cupcake costume) and a few of my - a cupcake, a skeleton, and superheroes =) love it

do you spy the little cupcake?
well, its about time to start getting the kids dressed up b/c them taking a nap before we head out seems to be the most ridiculously impossible thing to do right now.  have a safe, spooktacular halloween!
a hui hou ~ nani

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

halloween week - hero layout

hello again! sorry for the late post, but today has just been a "late" kinda day....
today i am sharing a layout of my little hero - my son - the cutest captain america EVER....

i wanted this page to reflect a little historic kind of look with the torn layers of printed papers. i did a lot of tearing and distressed the edges of several pieces of paper. i also chose mostly black & white and muted colored papers so that the pictures would stand out.  i also love the title/tag in this layout...
it reads "you don't raise heroes you raise sons. and if you treat them like sons, they turn out to be heroes....." {walter schirra sr.} i thought it was a perfect title for this page - the tag, of course, is one i've had in my stash for a long time from MME.
well thats it for today - i hope you like the layout! tomorrow is halloween (squeeeeel!)....the kids are super excited - they couldnt resist and put on their costumes today for a few  hopefully i can get in an early post tomorrow, but if not, have a safe and happy halloween!
a hui hou ~ nani

Monday, October 29, 2012

halloween week - monday

happy monday friends =)
well i have a sort of funny story to share with my project today...
on the 17th, i did a bit of running around because i wanted to make something for my son's teachers for halloween before he went off track (muti-track school schedule).  i needed it THAT day because the 17th was their last day......i told you i was an awesome procrastinator.  so after i dropped him off to school, off i went to get some things....the good thing was i already knew what i wanted to make and knew exactly where i needed to go to get supplies.....HOWEVER, things did not really work out.....of course! 
 i had planned to make little cute one-eyed monsters out of some plastic push-pop containers filled with halloween-themed oreo cookies (orange-colored cream instead of the traditional white cream).  oreo cookies...check! push-pop containers...check!  monster eye, arms & legs...check!
i'm sitting in my car and out of nowhere, i thought, what if the oreos don't fit?  so i pull out a package of oreos and try to stack them into the push-pop container....> o < AAAGGGGHHH, THEY DONT FIT! then i start thinking maybe the halloween oreos might be slightly "bigger" than traditional oreos (i know.....really? so i run to another store to buy regular oreos (booooooo....i really wanted to use the ones with orange cream)......i hurry back to the car and open the package and try to stack the oreos again....THEY DONT FIT EITHER! omg...two packages of oreos and a failed plan....i start eating some of the oreos and head home - only two hours left till i pick up my son.....time to improvise.....
i went through some of my things and, fortunately, i had kept some little plastic containers from christmas - they were going to have to do. no monster arms or legs, but at least i still got to fill the containers with the halloween themed oreos with the orange cream!  here's what i ended up with....
nothing fancy, but still cute,  i think =) this little guy isnt filled with oreos though - just some ribbon - the oreos are long gone =)
well, i hope you enjoyed that story....on a side note, i picked up some super cute halloween paper to do some layouts not a huge fan of scary halloween so i think this pack of papers is just right - more cute than scary.
thanks for stopping by today.....nap time for me =)
a hui hou ~ nani

Friday, October 26, 2012

happy aloha friday!
i've been trying to keep busy with making enough inventory for upcoming christmas events.  i made a bunch of snowmen decor but they are not quite done yet...i wish they were so i could share a peek of them - they are sooooo cute!  but in the meantime, i have another cute "man" to share -
a gingerbread man!
its just a simple can decorated as a gingerbread man....isnt this just yummy?!!!! well, it certainly got me craving some scrumptious gingerbread cookies!!!  i think i might just need to bake a whole bunch!
it looks like i am going to be busy with all these different "men" for the next few months - snowMEN and gingerbread think its pretty funny =)
so next week is Halloween! i'll try to keep the theme of Halloween on the blog next week.  i hope you all have a wonderful weekend & i'll see you here next week with some fun halloween pictures, layouts, and simple projects....aloha!
a hui hou ~ nani

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


hi friends!
just stopping in for a quick post....
guess what i got in the mail? (smiling from ear to ear).....well a box of goodies, of course! i definately would not be excited about any bills (lol).... yes, a box from two peas in a bucket.  i haven't ordered in sooooo long that i was so happy to see that big brown box and could not wait to look through all my new goodies =)  i am super happy with my order & super duper excited to work with some of the great new lines (YAY!), the only thing is that two peas changed their shipping policy.....super bummed b/c they used to have the best deal for shipping to they are pretty much along the lines of average cost with other online scrapbooking companies that ship to hawaii....which really sucks b/c shipping costs to hawaii is sooooo expensive!  thats why i hope that one day soon i can achieve my dream of opening my own place that will offer all the yummy goodness for our hawaii paper crafters & scrapbookers to go to and not have to spend a ton of $ on shipping costs to get the latest and greatest products... {sighhhhhh}
ok back from my  i am off to my little workspace to see what i can come up with to share tomorrow.  thanks for visiting today.
a hui hou~ nani